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We design software tools to help businesses and organizations with challenges requiring optimization. We solve the most computationally challenging problems by converting objectives and requirements into mathematical objects that can be modeled and solved by computers using specialized mathematical techniques that offer unmatched performance.


Generate Employee or Student Timetables optimized to your specific metrics and criteria. Optimal Timetables improve efficiencies and add benefits to all participants.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimization models can maximize profits, minimize cost, optimize shipping and transportation planning, assist inventory management systems, and more.

Sports Schedules

Produce schedules of optimal quality that meet your sports league scheduling objectives in a fraction of the normal lead time. No more post-its on the white board.

About us

Solutions for everyone

Bitmotek Optimization is a Mathematical Optimization company. We are mathematically trained professionals that help you solve complex problems. We develop solutions that can tackle combinatorial, operational, and logistical problems. We use our expertise to simplify important decision making, automate repetitive tasks, improve the quality of the processes in place and more. Our solutions are fully customized to your business and can be adapted to grow alongside your company. Some of our preferred solution techniques include but are not limited to:

Linear and Mixed-Integer Programming

One of the most commonly researched solution techniques in academia.

Constraint Programming

A versatile solution technique that can tackle the most difficult decision problems.

Our goal is to make these specialized solution techniques available for your business operations in a way that is simple, flexible and cost effective. Minimizing the cost of operations is an optimization problem that businesses of any size must face. To help you decide whether our services can add value to your business, simply contact us here.


At Bitmotek, we develop well planned optimization models that take advantage of leading edge technologies established by the scientific community. We offer consulting services, customized software, and web applications that integrate our mathematical optimization models. We constantly engage in conversations with our clients during the whole process to ensure complete satisfaction in the solutions presented.


  • We are located in Kelowna British Columbia Canada, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.

  • As professional optimizers, we aspire to minimize the cost for our clients. The most cost effective solution depends on each problem's uniqueness and we have multiple levels of solutions to offer. We only engage with work that we genuinely believe will yield a return on investment. Contact us to find out the different possibilities we have to offer.

  • You will get better solutions faster than it currently requires. The exact amount of time depends on the category of the problem and its particularities. As optimization professionals, we are satisfied when a problem is solved to optimality within seconds at most. For example, we can produce a complete and optimal sports schedule involving 30 teams in a fraction of a second. There exists however, instances of problems for which optimal solutions require minutes of computations, and sometimes even hours. The good news is that our optimization models can be iteratively adapted to take advantage of the particular structures of the problem as we explore the problem in further detail. The performance of our models can thus be improved to meet your timeline requirements and standards.

  • The first step is for us to determine together whether an optimization solution is going to add value to your processes. The best way to do this is to contact us and setup a free consultation to discuss the requirements of your problem and the possible approach that can be used to solve it. Useful information to have handy arise from answering the following:

    • What are the objectives? (e.g. Maximize profits, minimize travel, automate manual processes, etc.)
    • What are the constraints of the problem?
    • Are resources limited? (e.g. Only three delivery vehicle available)
    • Are there rules that must be followed? (e.g. Employees work maximum 8 consecutive hours in a day)
    • What is the current process used to solve the problem and where, if known, is the bottle neck?

  • At Bitmotek, we employ solution techniques that are heavily researched by a community of academics like ourselves. We do not believe in relying solely on computing power. The tech industry is evolving at a rapid pace with new software programs emerging every day. While computing power continues to improve over time, computationally challenging problems benefit very little from brute force. Tackling such problems requires much more sophisticated approaches. With our specialized expertise, Bitmotek builds the right tools for the job to give our customers the competitive edge.

  • Wouldn't you like to know why? An important distinction must be made between the following: is the problem actually impossible to solve or is it impossible to solve it by the current approach? Generic software tools are typically designed to do tasks in a way which limits their ability to solve unique business problems. This too often results in poor solutions (if any) and most importantly, the customer is the one making sacrifices. At Bitmotek, we believe it should be the other way around. Our models are carefully crafted to suit our customer's business and all its particularities. Our solution techniques yield insights about a given problem for which there is mathematical evidence that supports the outcomes. We provide evidence based reports to our customers so they can have certainty about the solutions we provide.

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